18 Nov 2010

test modes and learning mode - a way to get better practice in our tests

Not everyone is a whiz and breezes through numerical tests. We've all been through phases of struggle. On numericalguru we now provide three test modes, so we'll explain why they are useful

the test mode is what you should do first. It is timed and feels like a real test, you can't even go back and forth between questions.

the test mode with skip is timed and feels like a real test, but you can go back and forth between questions. Many real world tests do allow you to go back-and-forth, and if you want that feature, use this mode

Then there's the learning mode - it's for you to do after you do a test, and now want to re-do it for practice. When you start a test in learning mode, a few things happen:

  1. You can't 'submit' the test - it's only for practice
  2. The moment you choose an answer, a visual cue will tell you if you got it right or wrong. The intention is you keep trying until you get the answer correctly. Learn the techniques
  3. There is no time pressure - the clocks will run but it's for you to see how you're doing. You will see a countdown and you will see a question specific timer too.

We've seen many of our members have begun to try the learning mode. It's a good way to go at your pace while learning how to solve the questions correctly. Get the concepts and techniques right, and then try a new test. That's how you would gradually improve.

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