20 Aug 2010

using our infinite math simulator to practice & speed up basic numerical skills

We think we have a great feature with the 'infinite math simulator' - clearly a lot of our registrants don't think so because they're not really using it. We think it's worthwhile checking it out.

So - before some of you are confused about what it is - we have a feature called mathsim, and it does the following

1. Creates simple, random mathematical equations that involve basic addition, multiplication, subtraction, division and averages

2. Generates Infinite number of questions (and 5 answer options) - you can sit all day/week long and keep on practicing, and impress the hell out of your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner (hmmm...not really)

There's just one objective for the math simulator. If you are weak with speed and accuracy on basic mathematics, then it gives you a way to practice as much as you want to improve speed of calculations that are crucial in numerical reasoning tests and even consulting case interviews.

In other words, if the answer to the following questions is 'yes' then you need to spend more time with mathsim

a) Are you not quick enough while mentally calculating basic addition/subtraction/division/multiplication?

b) Are you going to be appearing for some numerical reasoning / ability test in the near future OR are you aspiring to be in consulting?

Then you have to check out mathsim. Really.

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