11 Aug 2012

numerical tests offer to Manchester Metropolitan University students

We're happy to announce that students of the Manchester Metropolitan University can take advantage of numericalguru numerical tests for free, until end of 2013.

All you need to do is register with your academic email address and you will be automatically upgraded!

More here


(Are you from another university and would like the same advantage? Let your career services know - read more here http://www.numericalguru.com/university)

15 Jul 2012

new resources page - additions over time

we made a little change, moved resources to a central resource page where we can add more that people can take advantage of.



If someone wants to be highlighted on the page, please contact us


13 Jul 2012

Paper test format - advantages and limitations

We recently announced that the the paper test format  would be coming soon. Well it's already here - and you can try it now. We're calling it beta for now, but that's only because we might make some refinements in the days to come.

So, what's great about the paper test format? Well, a couple of things

  1. It is great for simulating paper tests where you have all questions available at the same time and you can move back-and-forth
  2. It is ideal for management consulting case prep / case interview style tests and practicing for McKinsey PST, where you may need to come back for specific data time-to-time
  3. Some people prefer to practice in this format

  1. You shouldn't be practicing in paper format especially when the tests you are about to face are not in that format!
  2. You cannot get question-by-question timing analysis. Only the total time recorded as we don't know how much time you're spending on a specific question

All-in-all, it's a useful addition for your practice. One more of those things that makes numericalguru and caseprepguru a compelling online test practice platform.

11 Jul 2012

Paper test format coming soon!

Not everyone likes doing a test in the linear question-by-question format. Even though, if we may say so ourselves, our linear tests, especially in learning more, are great tools.

Now we're close to releasing a cool paper mode - which means you do it like you'd do on paper. All questions in 1 place, move as you like, and then submit when done. This format is especially useful in business judgment, EPSO, McKinsey PST style tests. And given we're going to be beefing up www.caseprepguru.com to give the best case prep online test practice anywhere, this format will come in handy.

But it comes in handy for anyone, anyway! So hold on, a few more days and it's one more great way to get that numerical practice.

3 Jul 2012

say hello to caseprepguru (http://www.caseprepguru.com)

We've been busy in the recent days. numericalguru now has a new look, outside, inside. We refreshed several questions, added a couple of new tests that use real business numbers (Apple and HP).

Our case interview prep offering was always sort of a "by-the-side" mention until now, but not anymore.

We're happy to announce http://www.caseprepguru.com which is now the home for those aspiring for a management consulting career. In the past, we've blogged a couple of times about management consulting, and there will be more focus on this topic.

caseprepguru for consulting case interview preparation

We'll talk more about it in the coming days, and in the meanwhile - here's another link to read more on.


29 May 2012

What's new in the new numericalguru?

Here's is a quick list of what's new and changed in the newly live design. As you use it, please send us feedback on any issues you face so we can act on it.

What's new

1. New look and feel - the new design is a fairly big change from the old design, it's hard to explain but easy to see. So see it yourself.

2. More tests - we now have 4 case tests. All current paid members have been automatically upgraded to all  our tests including case tests!

3. Refinements to many questions/solutions

4. All new features - share your desk pics, your stories, your aspirations

5. Faster, smoother testing experience

6. Give feedback easily

7. Much nicer test performance analysis page

8. No time limitation on memberships - it's forever!

9. Improved home page

10. Major design and behind-the-hood changes that make it much easier to add new features and fix issues.

What features are no longer in the new site?

1. Forums are gone. Weren't being used much.

2. Two test modes (instead of the old 3. We've retained the 2 most used.)

3. Some of the graphs are gone, replaced by an easier to understand history and performance section

We hope you enjoy the new design! There's more to come.

The refreshed numericalguru is getting ready

Turns out we're making faster progress than we originally anticipated. That means you don't have to wait until 2nd June to try the new system out. Could be as early as early morning GMT tomorrow.

We will then blog a series of short posts explaining what's new and what you can do.

25 May 2012

Get ready for a new numericalguru!

Dear all,

numericalguru will go offline from this Sunday, 27 May 2012, until 2nd June 2012. 

It's not because we're shutting down! On the contrary, numericalguru is getting a pleasant makeover and it's been long overdue some upgrade work. To do this, unfortunately we'll have to take down the site for a few days.

As of  today we will no longer accept new registrations until we're back. And when we're ready to be back you will see new posts and tweets telling you what's new.

All current subscribers will be automagically migrated. All current paid members will get a free upgrade to include our new case tests, and there will no longer be a time limitation!

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, but we do hope you'll like the new version better!

10 Mar 2012

MBA case interview tests–we’re at work

Yes. A couple more tests are on the way for those that want to do some online practice of post MBA management case interviews, which is standard in almost all management consulting recruitment, whether it’s McKinsey, BCG, Booz, Monitor, ATK or whoever else.

It’s absolutely true that you cannot substitute real in-person case interviewing, and you should never let go of opportunities to try cases with your friends and others, but sometimes it helps to sit alone and work through a set of questions that and strengthen some aspects of thinking.

That’s where we come in – the numericalguru case interview questions are designed to take on a specific situation and then systematically drill down to a solution. One of the most common case interview failures (we will soon come up with a post on “top 10 mistakes in case interviews” much like our popular top 10 on numerical tests) is that the candidate had no “structure” and was too vague. Our cases will help you identify how now to go vague and stay precise.

Stay tuned.

29 Feb 2012

Approximating during case interviews (or even regular tests)


So you’re already stressed about the interview, not happy about dealing with many numbers, and then the interviewer puts a sheet in front of you that requires you to do 20% of 248.

Now some of you who are nimble with numbers will probably do that right, but for many it can take away critical seconds. In fact, in a lot of cases, interviewers actually tend to see if you know how to prioritize. In the scheme of the interview is it really important that you get 248 x 20% exactly right? Why not just ask ‘can I approximate this?’ and in most cases the answer would be yes, and then you

250 x 20% = 50

and move on.

Approximating is a useful skill and choice during management / strategy consulting case interviews. It shows that you will simplify when required (and unless told) and are focused on dealing with the situation rather than getting lost in numbers.

Do not be surprised, we’ve seen more than one candidate attempt to do long multiplication and division, get flustered and lose their momentum in a case interview when they could have simplified and moved on. Most smart candidates ask if they can approximate, and then go on.

28 Feb 2012

Case Interview Tests - preparing for post-MBA consulting interviews

We're turning our focus a bit on the post MBA management consulting case interviews. Consulting jobs are quite in demand, can be rewarding, but are usually tough to get into. Practice in case interview techniques is critical if you wan to "ace the case"

No, we have no plans to provide case interviewing coaching etc as there are plenty of people who provide that. Instead, we want to provide a few useful case tests that people can try online to get a feel of case interviews and also get familiar with the many techniques, common question areas so they're better prepared for practice and real interviews.

So, stay tuned, consulting case interview tests getting served next - though we do have a beta test already.

12 Oct 2011

Ace the case - consulting case interview type tests

Paid members to numericalguru can now try out a new beta case interview type test which is a good way to check your case handling concepts.

For now, read more at http://www.numericalguru.com/case or just try the test!

Stay tuned for more. 

4 Oct 2011

A few chosen posts for reading

3 rules to improvement in numerical tests

1. Be mentally prepared before starting. Once you start, don't stop. Simulate test conditions
2. Analyse performance objectively, focus on weakness areas. You're not alone in how you feel
3. Repeat test with learning mode and get every question right before moving on to next test

This list of 10 mistakes by test takers is a good read on what not to do

2 Oct 2011

numericalguru tests on iPad

Well, for those that want to do tests on the fly, numericalguru works just fine on the Apple iPad too. That means you can continue practice even when you're out and about and have just the iPad with you.

While we haven't checked it, it should work fine on the Android tablets too - whether Acer Iconia or Toshiba Transformer etc.

Story: Job Hunting

AB writes to us...

"I am an Engineer with a strong background in research. I recently finished my masters in Manufacturing Engineering and shifted my line of focus to lean/six sigma and process improvement. I have been working for a few years leading continuous improvement efforts with one of the world class OEM.

I am currently actively looking for a job preferably in consulting that would leverage both my analytical skills and manufacturing experience. I have been using random internet(Indeed.com), professional networking (LinkedIn, friends etc) without too much results.

Words of wisdom - Emailing MRI recruiters specializing in my areas in USA have been proving quite effective in my case. I have a few leads and possibly a onsite interview with Capital One depending on whether i clear my "Numerical Reasoning"

Good luck on your job hunt and we hope that practicing on our site will help you in some small way!

24 Jun 2011

Story - Lee from UK

"Hello, my name is Lee, I’m a qualified accountant originally from France but I have lived in the UK for 10 years. I’ve worked as a senior  analyst in my past role but was made redundant a few months ago because of a major restructuring in my company.

I have found the job market incredibly tough and have been in contact with many many agencies. There’s  no doubt there is a lot of competition out there and companies are becoming very picky and require specific experience in specific industries.

But I’m trying not to lose hope. I’ve got significant experience and hopefully I will find the right job and the right company. I’m preparing myself as much as I can for interviews and tests, I find that numericalguru .compractice tests really help. It’s been ages since I have done these tests and I really need to practice and practice again to get myself up to speed. I do find your tips and examples useful and hopefully they will help me get the job of my dreams."

Well, Lee, your license has been sent. We do hope you get the job you want and wish you the very best.

26 Feb 2011

We're alive!

Yes, Yes. Haven't said much recently though, have we?

We decided to keep quiet for a while and let the current tests run as they are. It's interesting to note that the pattern of people finding the current set sufficient continues. We are thinking about perhaps adding case interview material - but we're not sure yet.

23 Nov 2010

On which day do users execute most tests?

We just got curious on when most people execute tests. Perhaps much more on a weekend and only a few on weekdays?

Here's a graph -

What? Most people do their tests on a ... Monday?! Well, that's what our data says. And that data is taken from several months and several thousand tests!

Perhaps many of them come back from classes and work and do tests in the evening ...? We can't check that conclusively as our test takers are from around the world and therefore time data could be distorting. But it's always interesting to see how data can (dis)prove some commonly held beliefs - such as most people would practice on weekends.

Well, we suppose that any day is a good day to do your practice numeracy tests, as long as

  1. You are in the right frame of mind
  2. Have silent, "no disturbance" conditions conducive to doing a test
  3. You are prepared to finish what you started
So, Monday it is!

18 Nov 2010

test modes and learning mode - a way to get better practice in our tests

Not everyone is a whiz and breezes through numerical tests. We've all been through phases of struggle. On numericalguru we now provide three test modes, so we'll explain why they are useful

the test mode is what you should do first. It is timed and feels like a real test, you can't even go back and forth between questions.

the test mode with skip is timed and feels like a real test, but you can go back and forth between questions. Many real world tests do allow you to go back-and-forth, and if you want that feature, use this mode

Then there's the learning mode - it's for you to do after you do a test, and now want to re-do it for practice. When you start a test in learning mode, a few things happen:

  1. You can't 'submit' the test - it's only for practice
  2. The moment you choose an answer, a visual cue will tell you if you got it right or wrong. The intention is you keep trying until you get the answer correctly. Learn the techniques
  3. There is no time pressure - the clocks will run but it's for you to see how you're doing. You will see a countdown and you will see a question specific timer too.

We've seen many of our members have begun to try the learning mode. It's a good way to go at your pace while learning how to solve the questions correctly. Get the concepts and techniques right, and then try a new test. That's how you would gradually improve.